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Let's Rock the Floor!   

Dear Beatriz

Just to say a big thank you today for the Zumba class I have heard so much about these classes but although uncoordinated really enjoyed it.  I noticed just looking at the girls in the mirror everyone was smiling all the way through the class.  I really look forward to the next one – will be in touch- Anne Davis

Beatriz is an awesome Zumba instructor, she made Zumba easy, simple, enjoyable and most importantly FUN!  -Ladies at the British Embassy Bangkok 

I had never tried Zumba until this before. And it took me only one class to get hooked onto it. The classes are awesome with a great selection of music and steps which even beginners can manage. So bring it on with 'Zumba Fun with B'! -Vintee Singh

I tried Zumba at Fitness First today and I must say your class is so much more fun, challenging, and from the soul! I missed you, your moves, and the girls! Too bad I live far away and can only come on Saturdays. Just thought I'd drop a line and let you know you're an awesome and graceful dancer and a very nice person too! xoxo- Kim

I've never heard of Zumba before but I loved it! Beatriz is a great instructor and she is always smiling- Ketut 

Beatriz is the real deal! She knows her Zumba and more. She's great at showing the steps and even gave information on the history of some of the moves!! If you want to learn Zumba, Beatriz is your girl!- Mimi Brown

Beatriz  is amazing! Stroller Zumba was so creative and fun! We all had such a good time, even while sweating all over our little ones. I can not wait to do it again! -Jennifer Ayers-Millar

Just wanted to let you know how very much I enjoyed your Zumba class on Saturday morning .. you're an excellent dancer with a kind soul! -Jonnette Reuschling

You are so precious!  Wednesday's ZUMBA is the highlight of my week! -Mitzi Neely at Roper St. Francis Charleston

I really do appreciate all you have done for the ladies at Roper and myself.  We really appreciate your hard work and patience with us.  I know I probably wouldn't have tried Zumba if it wasn't for you and your kindness. -Kimberly Palmer, Advantage Assistant Roper St. Francis

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